We each have different views and thoughts on what clean means. Some feel it is just the basics of dusting, vacuuming and mopping. Here at North Country Cleaning Services, we clean from the heart from inside the cupboards down to the floor and anywhere in between.

Sure we can dust, vacuum and mop your residential or commercial property, but we can also get detailed and not only clean your home or place of business, but organize it too, room by room (please be patient as this is not an overnight process). We can vacuum your carpets or we can shampoo them, remember how clean you want it, depends on YOU. We are here to clean for YOU; we do our best to work around YOUR schedule, a time that is most convenient for you. This may not always be feasible but we do our best to accommodate YOU.

Each person’s cleaning needs vary, communication is the key as I will come into your home and if I see a sink full of dishes, yes they are getting cleaned by me, unless you have stated clearly NOT to do something. I truly understand that life gets overwhelming and cleaning is not a priority when compared to other things which are significantly more important.

I am very particular when it comes to cleaning and will not even leave a trace of a paper towel behind after I have cleaned your home and/or place of business. Floors are normally mopped by hand. Spring time, you can rest assure windows will be cleaned inside and out (windows that are within reaching distance only - there is absolutely no use of ladders at all by North Country Cleaning Services).

Besides the cleaning service you would receive, you will also be assured of my trust worthiness, dependability and reliability; I walk into each person’s home with the same respect I give my own home,”I clean because I care”; and if I can have you feeling at peace after cleaning your home and/or place of business, then I have successfully completed my task for that particular day.