Born and raised on Staten Island, NY, I moved to the North Country of Lewis County, NY in January 2005. As a child I always had a passion to clean, as I fondly recall my mom cleaning my grandfather's (her dad) apartment; I would have the opportunity to help her. Growing up I also got to hear the stories of my grandmother (my mom's mother) who was a housekeeper for the Rockefeller's in NYC - cleaning must run in our blood. I also heard the stories of how the Rockefeller's would "hide" money in their couches, to test the honesty of the housekeeping staff on duty, making sure the couches were not only cleaned, but any money found was fully returned - honesty runs in our blood too!!!

In June 2006 I was hired by a non-profit agency to do health insurance enrollment, I worked there for 12 years had a handful of part time cleaning jobs over the years to help makes ends meet for me and my sons, Aj and Edward Wade. It was in October 2018 that the thought of owning my own cleaning business was presented to me by one of my current cleaning customers. When I doubted myself, if I would successfully make it as a business owner or not, he simply explained to me that I not only had the passion for it, but he could tell I cared and he was right on target. From there came, sketched on a napkin, my ideas of a company name and ideas to make this work, not only for me, but for the customer. It had to be a win-win situation for all involved.

It started out as just those handful of part time cleaning jobs and six (6) months later, I have thirty (30) customers (all by word of mouth). In addition to residential cleaning, I also do commercial cleaning, with several businesses in Lyons Falls, Lowville and Boonville, NY areas that have hired me to provide cleaning services to their place of business. I am fully insured and take great pride in the work I do. I don't hold any certifications or special cleaning licenses, but cleaning for me comes from the heart and soul and for that you cannot obtain a license to prove it.

The design of my business card came from my heart and love for the place I am blessed to call home. My thought was, coming from Staten Island, what do I think of when I think of the North Country of New York? I went into the local print shop, told them the type of design I was looking for and bam, there it was in color print for me to approve or disapprove - they had it spot on the 1st time of what my heart was thinking. Thank you Coughlin Printing, Lowville, NY for the amazing job of capturing the mountains and windmills that reflect the North Country!!!

Many values have been instilled in me, by my parents, honesty, reliability, dependability and determination - all of which you will see should you choose North Country Cleaning Services for your cleaning needs.